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Beyond Fitness, Health and Wellness Coaching

We implement total fitness modalities to support your fitness success. Our program is designed to increase adhesiveness to fit lifestyle with seven key ingredients;


We provide personal training and group workout classes at the gym, in home, and via mobile app, embodying monitoring services. Participants can connect their health monitoring wearable devices and mobile app to our system, so that we can support and review your progress simultaneously. Accommodating participants’ needs and lifestyle, we set up the perfect fitness programs integrating exercise into a holistic approach that includes nutrition coaching, de-stressing workouts, and a lot of encouragement from us.

For example, our weight loss class begins with a lifestyle review and a feasible goal setting together. We then coach participants to achieve at each step toward healthier habit cultivation and weight loss achievement. Our strength and endurance building program is implemented with muscle mass measurement, followed by ongoing progress tracking. The Older Adult workout program is focused on increasing their mobility and stability, aimed at improving their daily activity functionality. Scientifically evidenced functionality assessment tools are used to measure progress. We, train physically challenged participants as well, because we believe that exercising serves both as a preventer of disease and an alleviator of symptoms.

Fitness is not only defined as physical wellness, but also the efficiency of biokinetics, that is correlated to how we function, age, and maintain our health.


There are approximately 30 to 40 trillion cells in the human body. Cells are constantly dying, and new ones are being made simultaneously. On top of that, the actual number of cells will vary from person to person, depending on their age, height, weight, health, and environmental factors.

Why not take an advantage of our cell mechanism? Cells are renewed and remodeled every day. Daily exercise routine, balanced nutrition, adequate sleep, de-stressed mind-set is the key to maintain the healthier routine of cell turnover.


We assist to raise your fitness to the next level by combining fitness modalities: exercise, nutrition, meal plan, relaxation, and healthier routine of lifestyle. We provide personal training and small group exercise classes combined with co-factor fitness modalities.   

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