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Fitness Class

LF FIT Women Group Training

Women's Whole Body Exercise Class

  • Build lean mass

  • Burn more body fat

  • Be-you-tiful

This class aims to improve women’s wellness through functional exercise and sharing the idea of clean eating, adaptable daily life modification. 


Childbearing period: Women’s life stages are immensely influenced by flow of hormone balances; during the pregnancy women’s physique changes to nurture a baby, ligaments are stretched to support the growing web. Lower back pain is a common problem after childbirth due to the weakness of core.

Pan-menopausal period: We witness the physical and metabolic changes during the stages of pre-, per-, and post-menopause. Do you adjust your exercise and nutrition accordingly?  A little adjustment the way your train tremendously improve your metabolic health and your appearance.  

  • Don't try fad diets that cause damage on your metabolic system. 

  • Low caloric diet can harm your bone density.

  • Low carbohydrate diet can cause the brain and neurological problems in later life.   


Our individualized program is implemented with (1) Initial counseling, (2) Body Composition Analysis, (3) Nutrition Coaching, and (4) Individual account setting on mobile app to support your progress.

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