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Can You Drink Coffee While Fasting?

Yes, You can drink Coffee!

One of the most common questions people ask when they start intermittent fasting, is

whether or not they can drink coffee (or other drinks) during a fasted state. The short

answer is yes, but it is a little more complex than that.

What You Can Drink While Fasting

First, let’s talk about what you can drink and/or eat during a fasted state. The simple

answer is that you can have anything with zero calories or extremely low calories. While

fasting, you really should not have any calories, so the basics are drinking water, tea,

and coffee black. Of course, there are some different variations on this depending on

your preferences and comfort levels, which you will learn about in later sections.

Drinking Coffee During Your Fast

Many people will rely on drinking coffee during their fast for several reasons. For one

thing, if you are fasting for several hours in the morning, not having food or drinks can

be hard on your body. It is difficult to get enough energy for work or exercising in the

morning without that caffeine in your body. So, you can definitely have coffee while

fasting, but drinking it black is preferred. You can also drink tea if you want something

flavored, but without caffeine, or very low amounts of caffeine.

Adding Cream or Sugar to Your Coffee or Tea

This is often where people make some common mistakes with intermittent fasting and

drinking coffee. Coffee itself has nothing in it but coffee beans and water, so naturally

this is fine during a fast. The point is to be at zero calories or as low as you can be

during the fasted state. Therefore, you are advised not to have sugar, creamer, or even

natural additions like honey to your coffee. However, some people believe it doesn’t

make much of a difference with just a splash of creamer in their coffee. If you think you

can stick to intermittent fasting by just having a tablespoon or so of creamer, by all

means add it. This is much different than eating a full meal for breakfast and breaking

the fast that way.

Bulletproof Coffee and Intermittent Fasting

This is when things change a little bit. If you decide to have Bulletproof or keto coffee

during your fast, then you are NOT actually doing intermittent fasting. What you are doing

is often referred to as Bulletproof Fasting. This is when you go a prolonged period with

no food, but you still have the fat and calories from your Bulletproof coffee. Generally,

you won’t still be fasting if you are adding butter and coconut oil to your coffee.

Is Coffee Good For You or Bad For You?

Many of us drink a lot of coffee. Is all that coffee really bad for us? Should we be trying to drink less coffee? Or is coffee really good for us? Should we be drinking more coffee?

Caffeine is so pervasive in our culture and in many other cultures that we often forget it is actually a drug that affects our brain. Caffeine is present in coffee, tea, many cola drinks and over the counter medications.

The most common way that most of us ingest caffeine is in the form of coffee. And some of us drink many cups of coffee in a day. If you are one of those people who drinks a lot of coffee daily, you probably wonder what all that coffee is doing to you. Is coffee really bad for you, or is drinking coffee just a harmless vice? Can it be possible that coffee is actually good for us?

The research on coffee shows mixed results.

Some studies show that drinking coffee increases the rate of heart attacks, while other studies have shown that drinking large amounts of coffee decreases the risk of diabetes.

There are nutritional advisers who claim that coffee makes us age faster, wears out our adrenal glands, and causes all sorts of untold damage to our cells.