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Social Connection is more important than everyday workout

Stressed lately?

We are under so much stress right now. The whole world is shut down with the fear of Coronavirus spread, death, unemployment, uncertain economic recovery in the future. As a fitness professional, I train people to improve people's health,  motivate them to cultivate health consciousness, teach how to eat well, and get habits of healthy lifestyle. I was so accustomed to having these in my routine and thought these things won't be apart from my life. However, this is the circumstances I am facing, I found that it is getting harder to maintain healthy lifestyle if I lose my focus because of mainly social isolation and loss of the sense of existential. 

Lately, what I have found myself have mild stress symptoms even though I am doing exercise at home and working at home. I have fitness programs for all different fitness goals. One of them called "proHABIT" which is designed to daily interaction with clients to coach the mindset for healthy lifestyle. When I say "Health" means "Deep Health", that consists of physical, emotional, mental, environmental, social, and existential health. I decided to use it for myself because it is cleverly design to interact with clients daily and set  short-term goals, they keep log what they do a day, and exam a state of mind of a day, and struggle of the day, too. At this time, I really enjoy having "me" on the other side coaching me daily how I do. 

I evaluated my Deep health in scale of 1 to 10 (1 is not good, 10 is excellent).

  1. Physical ----------- 5

  2. Emotional --------- 5

  3. Mental-------------  8

  4. Environmental----- 3

  5. Social -------------- 5

  6. Existential --------- 3

I also checked my stress symptoms: Signs You Are Experiencing Stress

  1. Do you wake up with headaches due to clenching your teeth?

  2. Can you sleep at night well or fall into sleep middle of the day?

  3. Do you have frequent tension headaches?

  4. Is your concentration and memory lacking?

  5. Are you suffering from increased depression or anxiety?

  6. Are you getting moderate to severe mood swings?

  7. Do you have difficulty making a decision?

  8. Have you been smoking, drinking, or eating more than usual?

  9. Do you feel a sense of helplessness and like you are too overwhelmed?

I answered yes as "High" on 3 questions. Before Coronovirus pandemic started, I had none. Stress comes in many forms, and we might be experiencing it on an almost daily basis without even realizing. By understanding the signs of stress, we have a better chance at catching it early on so we can try some of the natural remedies.

Complications and Side Effects

Believe it or not, there are quite a few ways stress can affect us, both mentally and physically. This doesn’t even begin to cover the fact that stress can lead to problems at home, including finances, work, and with your family or friends. Aside from those complications, it also affects us physically, emotionally and mentally. We might have heightened anxiety, more frequent panic attacks, and severe depression when we are stressed. It also increases the risk for many physical ailments, including headaches and migraines, digestive issues, high blood pressure, stroke, infections, backache, eating disorders, skin problems, bowel disorders, and many others. Our bodies have some reserves to combat acute stressful condition for a short period of time. However, when it becomes chronic, our bodies would manifest complications, probably, it would appear in three months (optimistically, the time the lock-down will be released.) 

Short Term Goals 

I set my short term goals to achieve my long term goal. Current my long term goal is I will be physically and mentally well to practice my fitness profession. My short term goals are;

  • Exercise daily: Cardio, Strength training, Stretching

  • Track my food intake because I easily lose appetites, make sure I consume enough protein everyday.

  • Check my body stats; Body weight , body fat, visceral fat, total body water percentage (I use Bioelectric Impedance Analyzer at home).

  • Read a motivational book or I follow Joe de Sena, Spartan Race CEO, Live. 

  • Meditation: 20 minutes

  • Wake up early in the morning (I am a morning person)

  • Work at home

Keeping a journal really helps. Also, it is a good time to create your "Owner's manual" of our bodies. Yes, we own our bodies, we should know how to handle our body to maintain well without any troubles. If you have any allergies or intolerance to certain foods, you can log details when you eat certain foods, and what symptoms you have later. Same examination you can do, what foods make you gain weight, and so on.

What to do About it

As you can see, stress really takes its toll on your entire life. Looking for ways to relieve your stress should be done sooner than later. What will work for you might vary based on exactly what is causing you stress. One day, journaling might be useful, while going for a run with a face mask and gloves is best on another day. Try any healthy activities that take your mind off what you are stressed about, even if it’s just having coffee with friends in Zoom. 

Set some goals what you would like to accomplish in a few month or 6 months from now, and make a list what you have to do to right now, "Action Plan".

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