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These Habits of Women and Men Hinder their Health.

Good and Bad Habits of Women

For thousands of years, women were treated as inferior to their male counterparts. Unfortunately, even in ‘enlightened’ societies, that is still true at some levels, where there is still inequality among men and women. While the unequal and unfair treatment can be traced back in history, its continuation can sometimes in part be affected by how you carry yourself as a woman. Your habits make you the kind of person that you are, and this can affect how you are perceived and treated by all people, both male and female.

To improve yourself, and your life, there are habits that you should stop doing now, so you can be a woman that society respects and looks up to. In this article, we’ll also talk about the good habits that you should develop or continue to do.

Women should stop doing the following bad habits:

· Being Silent When You Need To Speak Up

Many women still feel inferior and lack confidence. When you have strong opinions to express, don’t stop yourself from speaking up. Have your facts ready and speak with confidence and authority, knowing that you can back up what you are going to say.

· Focusing On Insecurities

Who doesn’t want to look good? Feel pretty? Look sexy? But as a woman, it is a bad habit to keep complaining about your body and focusing on your insecurities. Stop asking your best friend if you look fat in your jeans or not. Don’t compare yourself to others, and know that each woman has a different body type.

If you can change anything that is bothering you when it comes to your physical appearance that’s within your control, then go ahead and do so. But don’t waste any more time fretting over the things you can’t change.

· Staying In Toxic Relationships

Most women are known for being committed to their partners. However, some are overdoing it. It is possible to ‘love too much’ and it is a bad habit to stay in a relationship that’s toxic and unhealthy for you. Stop making excuses and convincing yourself that you’ve made the right decision in the first place. Have the will-power to walk out of such relationships and be assured that you’ll find someone better.

· Keeping Up With The Jones’s

There’s always another girl who’s got more than you, or a friend who seems to have everything in life. However, it’s bad to try to keep up with the other girls. You don’t have to have the same designer bag or the new dress or whatever is the latest trend in fashion. Not only can it hurt your wallet, but long-term your self-worth will also suffer.

Now, for their own self-improvement, these are the good habits that women should be doing:

· Practice Self-Care And Take Care Of Your Body

Women deserve respect, and you should give