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These Habits of Women and Men Hinder their Health.

Good and Bad Habits of Women

For thousands of years, women were treated as inferior to their male counterparts. Unfortunately, even in ‘enlightened’ societies, that is still true at some levels, where there is still inequality among men and women. While the unequal and unfair treatment can be traced back in history, its continuation can sometimes in part be affected by how you carry yourself as a woman. Your habits make you the kind of person that you are, and this can affect how you are perceived and treated by all people, both male and female.

To improve yourself, and your life, there are habits that you should stop doing now, so you can be a woman that society respects and looks up to. In this article, we’ll also talk about the good habits that you should develop or continue to do.

Women should stop doing the following bad habits:

· Being Silent When You Need To Speak Up

Many women still feel inferior and lack confidence. When you have strong opinions to express, don’t stop yourself from speaking up. Have your facts ready and speak with confidence and authority, knowing that you can back up what you are going to say.

· Focusing On Insecurities

Who doesn’t want to look good? Feel pretty? Look sexy? But as a woman, it is a bad habit to keep complaining about your body and focusing on your insecurities. Stop asking your best friend if you look fat in your jeans or not. Don’t compare yourself to others, and know that each woman has a different body type.

If you can change anything that is bothering you when it comes to your physical appearance that’s within your control, then go ahead and do so. But don’t waste any more time fretting over the things you can’t change.

· Staying In Toxic Relationships

Most women are known for being committed to their partners. However, some are overdoing it. It is possible to ‘love too much’ and it is a bad habit to stay in a relationship that’s toxic and unhealthy for you. Stop making excuses and convincing yourself that you’ve made the right decision in the first place. Have the will-power to walk out of such relationships and be assured that you’ll find someone better.

· Keeping Up With The Jones’s

There’s always another girl who’s got more than you, or a friend who seems to have everything in life. However, it’s bad to try to keep up with the other girls. You don’t have to have the same designer bag or the new dress or whatever is the latest trend in fashion. Not only can it hurt your wallet, but long-term your self-worth will also suffer.

Now, for their own self-improvement, these are the good habits that women should be doing:

· Practice Self-Care And Take Care Of Your Body

Women deserve respect, and you should give that respect to yourself as well. How? By taking care of your body. Exercise. Eat whole foods and drink plenty of water. Stop eating sweets, staying on the couch all day watching TV, and spending too much time on social media. Get enough sleep, and visit your gynecologist regularly because you need to keep healthy in every way.

· Be A Money Manager - Handle Your Money Better

Some women are known for not managing their money well, especially while they are single. If you’re not careful, your bills could pile up and debt will accumulate. Make it a habit to check your credit card statements and pay your bills on time. It is a very good habit to have a budget and know where your money goes. Stop splurging money on things you don’t need, such as on clothes that you don’t even know when you would wear. A good money habit will help you save money and prepare you well for family life.

· Be More Organized – Don’t Multitask

Women’s minds can be a total mess at times—they have so many things to do, and they try to multi-task. However, you only end up doing less, and not as well. A good habit to practice is being more organized with many things in your life. Set a routine, plan your activities, set your goals, and know your priorities.

· Let Go Of Things You Can’t Control

Most women worry a lot, beat themselves up for their mistakes, and stress over more than they should. These won’t get you anywhere good. So, let go of the things you have no control over and focus on what really matters. Keep a positive mindset and take baby steps towards your bigger aspirations.

Society may have set various standards of what makes a woman, but you don’t have to follow them. It is what you repeatedly do that will define who you are as a woman. If you haven’t been paying attention to your daily actions, start with the list above of the good and the bad habits that you should know about.

Good and Bad Habits of Men

What comes to mind when you think about what makes a man? Is it his looks? Is it his masculinity? Or is it his wealth, fame or job title? Yes, it’s true there are some women who focus solely on the physical appearance or material things the man may own.

But there are many others who look beyond those things. For these women, what makes a man is his character and how he carries himself. Habits are a big factor in that. Once the initial infatuation has passed, what trips many relationships up are the habits of the other partner.

Your habits, no matter how simple they may seem or how insignificant you might think they are, shape the kind of man you become. To be the man you want to be, and the man that will attract the woman you want to be with, here are the bad habits that you should stop doing now, and the good habits that you should develop or keep on doing:

Bad Habits

· Skipping Personal Hygiene

Yes, guys are tough and masculine and hopefully hard-working. But you should never skip personal hygiene. When you go to the toilet, don’t forget to wash your hands. Keep your nails clean and trimmed, and your overall look neat and tidy. No matter how handsome you are, if you’re personal hygiene is poor, then you are going to turn off other people, especially women.

· Smoking

Society has somehow accepted the fact that men often have a vice or two, including smoking. However, this is a bad habit that you should do your best to quit. If you want to attract women, you don’t want to smell like an old ashtray. Women want fresh breath and pearly white teeth. Attracting a potential partner aside, smoking is bad for your health, so quitting has other important benefits.

· Not Listening

Most men like talking, probably stemming from their logical nature and the desire to always provide a solution. But unfortunately, they are not always good listeners. If this is you, this is a habit that you must stop doing.

Often, people who are sharing things to you don’t really want a solution; they only want to release their emotions and have someone to listen to them. So pay more attention, and unless the person talking to you asks for a solution, just listen first.

· Breaking Promises

A man’s word should be unbreakable. If you said you’d do it, then you must keep your word. Keeping your word makes you trustworthy, credible, and reliable. Unfortunately, some men are known for breaking their promises. If you are not sure you can keep your word, don’t make a promise. Let your actions speak instead. After all, your action should be stronger than words.

Good Habits

· Exercising more

Exercising is an effective way to keep your masculine look, and men are known and appreciated for their physical strength. Aside from making you look really manly, exercise is good for your health and overall well-being. Don’t skip the workout, and if you don’t go to a gym, work out a program you can do at home. Exercise will keep you physically and mentally strong.

· Being With The Right Kind Of People

Ultimately, you become the kind of person that you surround yourself with. Many men can be easily swayed by peer pressure. Make sure that you are in a circle of the right kind of people who have a good influence on you. Don’t accept less than you deserve, and change your social group if it will help you become a better person.

· Committing To Only One Woman

While there are plenty of pretty women out there, it doesn’t make you less of a man if you decide to commit fully to just one woman. Instead of dating different girls every week, find someone who will stick with you, support you, and help make you a better version of yourself. Committing to someone can bring an array of benefits, including increased happiness and longevity. Commitment is not going to tie you down, but make you a better person, and bring real happiness.

· Be Courageous and Make Big Goals

Most men are known to be risk-takers, and this is a good habit to keep if in the right setting. If you don’t try, you fail by default. So take bigger risks and be courageous in pursuing what you want in life. Be it a woman you’ve always wanted to date or a business you’ve been planning to start, go for it. Don’t let a fear of failure make you miss out on opportunities and unimaginable success.

As a man, society expects a lot from you. But more than the common perception of what makes a man, your habits shape the kind of person you are and will become. Keep in mind the bad habits and good habits discussed above, and take the path towards a better you!

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