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What is HIIT? High intensity interval training - Metabolism efficiency, hypertrophy & functionality


What is HIIT?

If you’ve had a workout regimen that you’ve been doing to stay in shape for a while, you probably realize that it can take hundreds of hours to achieve the results that you’re looking for. In more recent times, science has developed new and innovative techniques to help people reach their fitness goals. HIIT, or High-Intensity Interval Training, is designed to help you to get fast results.

Defining High Intensity requires two elements that are PRE 8-10 (Breathless state) and its intensity must be sustained at least 30 minutes.

If you’ve been looking for a way to get to your goals, then you will enjoy reading about HIIT in the following article.

How It Can Help You

High intensity interval training isn’t just all about losing weight, because it has a massive range of other benefits as well. One really great thing about HIIT, is that it can help you to improve the functionality of your metabolism, which will make your body more efficient in a variety of ways beyond fat burning. You’ll also improve your heart health, improve insulin sensitivity, and give you faster gains to help you reach your size and tone goals. Also, the very best things about HIIT, is that a lot of HIIT workouts can be done without any sort of equipment and still produce amazing results, so it’s worth the investment of time to learn about how to do the routines.


How It Works

For this type of training, you should go as hard as you can for the appointed time that is needed. This is usually for a specific amount of repetitions or a predetermined amount of time. The most common way that it is done is with a 2:1 ratio. For example, if you were going to do 60 seconds of high intensity exercise (RPE 8 to 10 out of Scale 10), followed by 30 seconds of active rest (RPE 4 to 6) and so forth. This activates and builds stamina, as well as an increase in fast twitch muscle fibers. These muscles can help you to burn 16% or more of the fat you have stored in your body.

Time to Heal

It’s important to note that HIIT requires you to take some time to heal in between sessions. This means that it’s likely to cause far more damage than good if you were to work out any more than 2 - 3 times a week. If you work out, then you should definitely spend some time healing and resting so that you can get ready another session of intense work.

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