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Why Having a Diet Mindset is a Bad Thing

Losing weight is on many people’s minds, but wanting to lose weight and actually doing it effectively are two entirely different things. There is so much information out there, that it becomes overwhelming. Different diets, workout plans, structured plans like WW or Keto, just counting calories or carbs, and so much more.

It also goes beyond just figuring out which method of weight loss to go with, but the obsession and unhealthy habits that having a diet mindset can create. In this article, you will learn a little more about why you should ditch the typical diet mindset and work on developing a healthy mindset about weight loss instead.

What is a Diet Mindset?

Balanced Meals >>> Restricted Food Choices

When you have a diet mindset, you are focusing on your diet alone. But it is not usually just eating a more balanced diet, but restricting your calories, cutting out carbs, ditching entire food groups. You try to eat as little as possible in order to lose as much weight as you can. These extremes create an obsession with counting calories, burning fat, and trying to “win” at weight loss. It can lead to unhealthy habits, starvation, over-exercising, and so much more.

A Better Solution

Instead of developing this extreme diet mindset, take it slow, one habit at a time. Make a lot of what you deem your unhealthy habits, then gradually improve one habit at a time. Do you drink a lot of soda? Replace it with sparkling water. Is your diet high in refined sugar? Try more natural ways to get in sugar, such as fresh fruit. Do you snack throughout the day? Try adding more protein and fiber to your meals, and you won’t feel the need for this.

You want to think about weight loss in longevity. Sure, you could follow a strict diet and lose weight quickly, but will you keep it off? Probably not.

Take it Slowly

It will take time for your body to adapt to this new lifestyle. Think of it this way: it took time to put the weight on your body. Therefore, it will take time to take the weight off. So don't go on a diet and obsess over your weight. Simply begin to eat healthier and move around every day and your weight will naturally regulate to a healthy level. Dieting is not a natural way for you to live. Therefore, get rid of the "diet mindset" and begin to permanently change the way you eat. Before you know it, you will trade in your overweight and unhealthy body for a stronger, fitter and healthier you.

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