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Spartan Small Group Training Class “SGX” is a scientifically supported solution to help people of all fitness abilities to physically and mentally prepare for a race and the activity of everyday life. The program builds overall athleticism, endurance, strength, and mental preparation. With the support of fitness professionals and technical instruction, participants learn how to push past their limits, condition the body and conquer the challenging Spartan event course.

The fact: Spartan Race is more accessible for beginners.

Most events give runners the option to choose shorter race distances and the ability to opt out of difficult obstacles. This flexibility enables almost anyone who follows a reasonable and consistent training program to complete such an event. The challenge is what type of training program a participant should follow. It is not a traditional running events, participants should follow more comprehensive strength and cardio routines that incorporate bodyweight exercises and interval workout.

Spartan SGX at LU FIT

Spartan race

I am a Spartan and a certified Spartan SGX Coach.

Spartan Rae is the world’s largest obstacle race and endurance brand, and the first in-sport to feature timing and global rankings. With more than 200 events across more than 30 countries in 2017, Spartan Race will attract more than one million global participants offering open heats for all fitness levels, along with competitive and elite heats.


Spartan racers are determined and passionate about fitness, relish teamwork, and embrace challenges. The Spartan FIT became a goal of lifestyle achievement. The event is not only for competitive athletes but also for all populations who are motivated to challenge. Spartan race encourages people ‘Getting out of our comfort zone’. The founder of Spartan Race, Joe de Sena, determined to inspire more lives of so many to join the journey towards a healthy lifestyle.


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