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As we journey past our 40s, our bodies start narrating stories of the past - sometimes through aches and pains that seem to appear out of nowhere. This pain, though often seen as a natural part of aging, doesn't have to dictate your daily life. Whether it's a lingering backache or stiff joints that greet you every morning, know that you're not alone in this. It's not just 'getting older' – it's your body asking for attention and care.

The 40s and beyond often bring a unique blend of challenges: managing careers, perhaps caring for aging parents, and often still being an anchor for growing children. This can lead to a sense of agitation, a feeling of being perpetually on edge. It’s important to recognize that this isn’t a personal failing but a natural response to the complex demands of life at this stage. Remember, it's okay to feel this way, and it's even more okay to seek ways to ease this agitation.

Imagine a life where pain doesn't hold you back, and agitation is replaced with a calm sense of control. This is not just a dream; it's a very achievable reality. With the right guidance in nutrition, exercise, and mental wellness tailored to your unique needs after 40, you can transform these challenges into stepping stones for a healthier, more fulfilling life. As your health coach, I’m here to guide you on this journey, offering support, expertise, and a personalized plan to reclaim your wellbeing, step by step.

5 Benefits to Choose us

1. Reignite Your Youthful Spark: Experience a renewed sense of youthfulness with Lucent Health. We help you rediscover the energy and enthusiasm of your younger years, empowering you to dream without limits and embrace life's possibilities with open arms.

2. Personalized Path to Empowerment: Every journey with Lucent Health is as unique as you are. We craft personalized wellness plans that cater to your specific needs, goals, and lifestyle, making you the boss of your health journey. This tailored approach ensures that the changes you make are not only effective but also deeply fulfilling.

3. Accountability with Compassion: Our coaching is grounded in understanding and compassion, providing you with the accountability you need to stay on track. We're here to support you at every step, celebrating your progress and guiding you through challenges, ensuring you feel confident and capable in your pursuit of wellness.

4. A Holistic Approach to Health and Happiness: Lucent Health embraces a holistic view of health, focusing on the interconnectedness of physical, mental, and emotional well-being. This comprehensive approach encourages a deeper understanding of what it means to be truly healthy and happy, inspiring you to explore and grow in all aspects of life.

5. Thrilled for Change, Ready for Growth: Embark on a thrilling journey of personal transformation with Lucent Health. We create an environment that sparks excitement for change, fostering a mindset where growth and learning are not just possible but eagerly anticipated. Our coaching will leave you feeling revitalized, confident, and ready to tackle new challenges with a sense of joy and possibility.


"Unveiling the Art of Vibrant Living After 40 – Personalized Health Coaching Tailored for Your Best Years"

At 40 Plus Lucent Health, we offer a comprehensive suite of health and wellness services tailored for the dynamic needs of individuals over 40.


Our services include in-house personal training, where we provide customized, one-on-one fitness sessions right in the comfort of your home. We also specialize in online health coaching, encompassing nutrition planning, goal setting, lifestyle reevaluation, holistic health strategies, and sleep optimization, all delivered virtually for your convenience. Additionally, we host group training sessions locally, featuring functional training, stretching, and breathing exercises in a community-focused, supportive environment.


Each of our services is designed with the goal of enhancing your strength, vitality, and overall well-being, ensuring that your journey towards health and fitness is as rewarding as it is effective.

Lucent Health In-House Training Icon

This service is tailored for individuals seeking personalized fitness guidance. It typically involves one-on-one sessions with a trainer who designs and supervises workouts based on the client's unique fitness goals, health conditions, and preferences. The focus is on ensuring correct form, providing motivation, and adjusting exercises as needed for maximum benefit and safety.

Lucent Health Icon Online Health Coaching

This service offers health and wellness coaching remotely. It's ideal for clients who prefer flexibility or cannot attend in-person sessions. Clients receive customized fitness and nutrition plans, regular check-ins, and motivational support through digital platforms. The coaching covers various aspects of health, including exercise, diet, stress management, and habit formation.

Lucent Health Icon Group Training

Group Training

This group exercise program is a dynamic blend of High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) and calisthenics, tailored to enhance cardiovascular endurance, build strength, and increase flexibility. The sessions are designed to be engaging and communal, promoting a sense of togetherness among participants. It's adaptable for various fitness levels, ensuring everyone can participate comfortably. The program culminates with breathing exercises, integrating the mind and body, and providing a holistic fitness experience.

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