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5 Failproof strategies to keep up with your new year's resolutions and reach your goals.

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Failproof Strategies for New Year's Resolution Success

It's only 8% of us who achieved the new year's resolutions. Are we one of them? Success rates is lower among people over 50, surprisingly only 4%. I share with you about the secrets to mastering your resolutions in 2024 in "Failproof Strategies for New Year’s Resolution Success."



Ah, the thrill of a New Year! As December's festivities enliven our spirits, it's the perfect moment to ponder: "How did I fare with my last year's New Year's Resolution?" Remember those resolutions whispered amidst the clinking of glasses and shared laughter with loved ones? Maybe it was a pact to explore the world of pickleball or a promise to join a friend for morning walks.


But let's face it, not every day is a sunny stroll in the park. Sometimes, it's more like dodging rain puddles or wrestling with the guilt of an unused gym membership. It turns out, we're not alone in this. A fascinating study reveals that only half of the US population sets New Year’s resolutions, and the success rate. Let’s just say it’s modest. Most of us start strong but by the time Valentine's chocolates hit the shelves, about 80% of these resolutions have fizzled out.


Now, before you dismiss the idea of resolutions altogether, consider this: The top resolutions revolve around health, fitness, personal finance, and learning new skills. The success rate might hover around 8-9%, but isn't that a glimmer of hope?


But here's an interesting twist – the other half of the population doesn’t even bother with resolutions. Is that the secret to avoiding the sting of unmet goals? Perhaps, but it's more complicated than that. Our resolutions often tumble due to unrealistic goals, losing sight of progress, or simply taking on too much at once. Age plays a role too; younger folks seem to have a better track at meeting their resolutions than their older counterparts.


Here's where it gets really intriguing. When we share our resolutions, we often feel a sense of accomplishment – a pat on the back before the race even starts. This is thanks to dopamine, our brain’s “feel-good” neurotransmitter. But this premature sense of achievement might be the very thing that dims our drive to follow through.


Psychologist Peter Gollwitzer's studies echo this sentiment, suggesting that talking about our intentions could lessen our likelihood of actualizing them. So, should we keep our resolutions under wraps? Not necessarily. Sharing goals can foster support and accountability, especially when it’s with a close circle that cheers us on.


Failproof Strategies for New Year's Resolution Success:

  1. Ask yourself is it realistic or am I dreaming?

  2. Sketch out a strategy for your resolutions. Break down your goals into achievable steps.

  3. Adopt the SMART approach: Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant, and Time-bound goals stand a better chance of being realized.

  4. Plan to build new habit one at a time and adjoin to your current routine. Master a habit and try next one.

  5. Cultivate a support system. The right cheerleaders can make all the difference.


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