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The Leg Press Ratio: A Key to Leg Strength and Quality of Life After 40 Years of Age.

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Lower body strength is foundational for quality of life, especially as we age. Strong legs support balance, mobility, and independence, three pillars of healthy aging. The leg press ratio can reveal your actual strength.


For those in the quest to maintain vitality and strength well into their 40s and beyond, understanding and utilizing the leg press machine can be a game-changer. Renowned for its benefits and safety, the leg press offers a unique insight into leg strength through the leg press ratio. This ratio, an indicator of the weight pressed against one's own body weight, provides valuable benchmarks for assessing lower body strength. However, the angle at which you perform this exercise plays a crucial role in the actual weight lifted, a detail often overlooked but vital for accurate assessment.


Understanding the Leg Press Ratio


The leg press ratio is calculated by comparing the weight you can press on the leg press machine to your body weight. For men, an average ratio is 1.5, and for women, it's 1.0. Yet, these figures only tell part of the story. Due to the mechanics of the leg press machine and the angle at which the exercise is performed, adjustments must be made to understand the true weight being lifted.


Leg Press Ratio = Adjusted weight lifted (lb.) / Your body weight (lb.)


lucent fitness leg press weight conversion

lucent fitness leg press weight conversion

The Angle Adjustment


- At a 30-degree angle, the actual weight you're lifting is approximately half of the weight set on the machine.

- At a 45-degree angle, you're lifting about 70% of the selected weight.

- At a 60-degree angle, you’re lifting about 87% of the selected weight.


These adjustments are crucial for accurately determining your leg press ratio, providing a more precise reflection of your lower body strength.


The Importance of Lower Body Strength


Lower body strength is foundational for quality of life, especially as we age. Strong legs support balance, mobility, and independence, three pillars of healthy aging. Moreover, the gluteus and quadriceps house a significant amount of fast-twitch muscle fibers, which are essential for quick movements and stability. Preserving these muscles is paramount for sustaining vitality and preventing injuries. (Refer to the blog “The impact of age on muscle fiber and loss”)


leg press ratio table

Leg Strengthening Training for 40+ Individuals


  • Focus on Fast Twitch Muscle Fibers


Incorporating exercises that target fast-twitch muscle fibers, such as squats, deadlifts, and of course, leg presses, can help maintain these critical components of muscular strength and power.


  • Sustaining Muscle Quality


To sustain the quality of muscle fibers and ensure injury-free training, consider the following strategies:

Balanced Workouts: Don't skip on a balanced workout regimen. Include exercises that target all major muscle groups to ensure overall body strength and balance.

Incorporate Rotational Movements: Life isn't linear; we move in multiple directions daily. Including exercises like rotational movements and side lunges in your routine can improve agility and functional strength.

Injury Prevention: Warm-up properly before workouts and cool down afterward. Focus on form and technique over lifting heavier weights, especially to protect the knees and lower back.




For individuals over 40, the leg press machine, coupled with a comprehensive understanding of the leg press ratio, offers a powerful tool for assessing and improving lower body strength. By taking into account the angle of the press and focusing on a balanced, injury-free training approach, maintaining lower body strength and quality of life is well within reach. Remember, strength training after 40 isn't just about maintaining muscle mass; it's about building a foundation for a vibrant, active lifestyle for years to come.

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