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Unlocking the Power of Protein: Strategies for High Protein Diet - Try This to Lose Body Fat!

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Try This to Lose Body Fat - "High Protein Diet".

It works better than cutting calories. Try This to Lose Body Fat. Protein builds Your Power House. Mastering the Art of High-Protein Living


Dear Readers,


Embarking on a high-protein diet is like setting sail on a vast nutritional ocean. It's a journey full of discovery, challenges, and rewards. Whether you're aiming to sustain muscle mass, lose weight, or simply boost your health, protein plays a starring role. But as with any voyage, the path to mastering your protein intake isn't always smooth. Let's dive into the intricacies of navigating this protein-rich journey.

Remember, Negative caloric balance (Expenditude > Intake) may works to lose weight. But You have to make sure consuming enough protein to prevent catabolism. It's the last thing we want to lose from the body. Keep the body at anabolic state. Consuming enough protein is a way to systain Muscle Protein Synthesis (MPS). Try this to lose body fat.


Navigating the Protein Seas:


My Fitness Pal: Your Nutritional Compass

I'm currently on a journey to increase my protein intake as part of a high-protein diet.

My daily caloric goal is around 2000 kcal, with my macronutrients divided into 40% carbohydrates, 30% protein, and 30% fats. My goal of protein intake is 150 grams a day.

It’s challenging. However, despite my efforts, I'm facing some challenges in reaching the ideal protein intake. Thus, I am determined to keep using My Fitness Pal for this purpose.

I track my foods intake with “My Fitness Pal” app not religiously but most of the time. One of the key strengths of MyFitnessPal is its user-friendly interface and the ease with which users can find and log various foods. Its comprehensive food database, which includes a vast array of items from different cuisines and brands, makes it convenient for users to accurately track their daily food intake. This feature is particularly beneficial for those who are mindful about their calorie consumption or are following specific dietary plans.


Additionally, MyFitnessPal offers personalized goal setting, allowing users to tailor their dietary and fitness objectives according to their individual needs. Whether it's weight loss, muscle gain, or maintaining a current physique, the app provides a customizable framework to support these goals. But I can't make nutritional planning on the app. So, I have to change the day's goal setting manually.

I've never been satisfied with any nutrition apps anyway because it fits all cookie-cutter protocol. A limitation I've noted is in its detailed micronutrient data. While MyFitnessPal does a commendable job in tracking macronutrients like proteins, fats, and carbohydrates, its capacity to track micronutrients such as vitamins and minerals is not as robust. Also, I want to track EPA, DHA, and ALA accumulated intake amount a day, then I can skip taking yacky Fish-oil supplement. but it is kind of impossible. This can be a drawback for users who are keen on getting a comprehensive view of their nutritional intake, particularly if they are managing specific health conditions or deficiencies.

my fitness pal app 2
MyFitnessApp Looks like this

The app does not track polyunsaturated fatty acids profiles. I like to make sure the amount of Omega-3 I consume from the foods.
Te data is not accurately track the amount of Iron, Magnesium, and Calcium, that are the most crucial micromenirals.
The app can't distinguish body fat loss, lean mass loss, or water loss. Cookie-cutter goal setting advice. Manually set up the daily caloric intake goal.

I have the premium account of My Fitness Pal, but this is the most service I can get from the app. So, everyone, the nutrition tracking apps are not perfect, and these weight loss planning are not individualize service.

I set my goal for weight loss, 3 pounds weight loss in a month. The set my caloric intake for 980 kcal a day. It was ridiculous!! My basal metabolism rate burns about 1100 kcal a day. I wonder if anyone seriously follow the app's weight loss planning. I would wind up lose 5 pounds of lean mass and gain 2 pounds of body fat, if I followed the "My Fitness Pal" weight loss plan.



The Daily Protein Quest: Aiming for 150 grams a day?


That's no small feat. Your strategy of blending real food with supplements is commendable. Remember, it's not just about hitting numbers, but about the journey - finding joy in the foods you eat and the beverages you sip. Sadly, I am not eating enough protein according to My Fitness Pal Data, so I rely on the extra protein sources on protein shakes and supplements.



Supplements and Shakes: A Double-Edged Sword

They're convenient, sure. But over-reliance can lead to a monotonous routine. I start my day with 20g of collagen in my black coffee. Throughout the day, I drink 1 liter of water with Essential Amino Acids (EAAs) supplements at 10g and 5g of creatine. Taking a 40g whey protein shake after workout. These amount of non-food sources to 70g of protein or 280 kcal. High protein diet with good hydration is a key. But it’s not fun to keep drinking these many protein shakes and a liter of EAA contained water because I want to drink coffee and tea.  



Mindful Eating vs. Macronutrient Targets

It's a delicate balance. Listening to my body is crucial, but so is meeting my protein goals. My typical meals include a mixed green salad with 4 oz of chicken, a serving of almonds, ½ cup of cottage cheese, and a cup of brown rice, totaling 52g of protein. Another meal is a spinach omelet made with 3 whole eggs and a slice of Ezekiel bread, coming to 28g of protein. It’s hard to eat all with carbohydrates and fats. These many proteins fill me quickly. It’s better to eat a meal quickly before satiety hormones send the signals “Stop Eating”, but mindful eating wins the attraction at mealtime. So, I struggled to eat all the protein. Not sure if it really helps me. But I am tracking my protein intake anyway.


40 plus lucent health protein source list table
My Common Protein Source Quick List

The Thermic Effect of Feeding (TEF)

This often-overlooked aspect significantly impacts our protein absorption. Adjusting for TEF is like recalibrating our sails, ensuring we're on course to meet our true protein needs.

While aiming for a high-protein diet (generally considered above 25% of total intake), I've realized that there's a catch - the thermic effect of feeding (TEF) for protein. Protein has a TEF of about 25%, which means only 75% of the protein I consume is absorbed by my body. This reduces my effective protein absorption to about 112.5g (75% of 150g). Then, I should be eating lost 37.5g of protein more, Another piece of chicken breast or a glass of protein shakes.


Addressing the Protein Gap


To truly meet my protein needs, I need to factor in this 25% loss due to TEF. This means I should aim for an additional 37.5g of protein daily to compensate. Finding ways to incorporate this extra amount into my diet without exceeding my caloric limits has become a significant challenge.

Achieving the right balance of protein in a high-protein diet is more complex than just hitting a number. Factors like the thermic effect of feeding play a crucial role in the actual protein absorption by the body. I'm continually adjusting my diet to meet these requirements, striving for the optimal balance that supports my health goals.


I am trying to sustain my muscle mass. If I am lucky enough to gain some. I do resistance training and consume 150 grams of protein a day. My verdict is I probably gained a pound of muscle in a year. I am in my 50s and do hypertrophic resistance training. Thanks God, I should be happy about gaining phase of my body, but it is not easy to eat 150 grams of protein a day.



Protein is more than a nutrient; it's a key to maintaining a healthy, active lifestyle. Whether you're an athlete, a busy professional, or just someone trying to stay healthy, understanding and effectively incorporating protein into your diet can make a significant difference. Remember, it's not just about quantity but also the quality of protein that counts.


Please track your protein intake over a few days to check your average protein consumption.

I recommend 30% of total calories from protein. Even if you don’t work out regularly, sustaining protein intake helps you to maintain lean muscle mass. I use My Fitness Pal app, but there are some reliable apps such as “Fat Secret”.  I don’t recommend any apps that automatically set up your caloric intake based on your body weight and assumed physical activities. Low caloric consumption can never develop the functional healthy physique. Most of all, counting calories is not a reliable method for weight loss and maintaining muscle mass.



Consider integrating more diversity in your protein sources. How about plant-based proteins or experimenting with different types of meat and fish? It could add excitement to your meals and reduce the monotony of supplements. Also, engaging in mindful eating is crucial; it enhances the joy of the journey. Remember, your diet is not just a number game, it's a lifestyle.



Start today! I offer the your nutrition planning services based on your concerns and goals. Look at your diet, assess your protein sources, and take a small step towards a healthier you. Share your favorite protein-rich recipe in the comments below or any tips you have for including more protein in your diet.

Contact me if you are curious about your nutrition planning for your goals.

Health Coach Meg

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To conclude this insightful journey into enhancing both our physical and mental well-being, remember that taking the first step towards a healthier lifestyle can be both exciting and transformative. As your dedicated health coach, I am here to guide you in seamlessly integrating exercise routines that not only build your body but also enhance your brain function. Together, we can work on improving your sleep quality and making meaningful lifestyle modifications tailored to your unique needs.


Don't let another moment slip by without taking action to boost your brain health and overall wellness. Reach out to us now, and embark on a journey towards embracing a new standard of fitness and mental agility that aligns beautifully with your age and lifestyle. Let's work together to make these crucial changes that will not just benefit you today, but also safeguard your health for the future. Contact us, and let's start this journey to a fitter, sharper you!



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